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Call for Demonstrations

New this year, BioCAS 2011 features a lively and interactive Demonstration Session in addition to the oral and poster presentations.  Contributions to the Demonstration Session showcasing the latest biomedical circuits and systems technologies are invited from all members of the BioCAS community, including academia, industry, and the clinical sector.  The Demonstration Session will be a highlight of the technical program, and BioCAS 2011 will offer a Best Demonstration award.

Venue: The BioCAS 2011 Demonstration Session will be held in conjunction with the Welcome Reception on Thursday, November 10, 2011.  The informal and open setting with light fare refreshments will encourage all conference attendees to actively participate in the demonstrations.

Format: All live and interactive demonstrations of circuits or systems in a clinical, biological, or bioinspired setting are highly welcome.  These include, but are not limited to, biomedical instrumentation, lab-on-a-chip systems, wireless health technologies, neuromorphic systems, and brain-machine interfaces.  All demonstrations must run in real-time and allow interaction by participants.  Contributions lacking BioCAS relevance or real-time interaction, such as computer animations or simulations without real-time user input, are not appropriate and will not be considered.

Resources and Subjects: All accepted demonstrations will be provided poster board, table, AC electrical power strip (60Hz 120Vrms, 5A max), and  limited (shared WiFi) wireless internet access.  in addition, limited room will be available for roaming demonstrations.  Submission of a demonstration entry implies commitment on behalf of the authors to bring other resources as needed to support the demonstration.  No animal subjects are allowed on the premises, but substitute models (such as mock tissue for demonstration of wireless telemetry) are suitable.  Demonstrations with human subjects must comply with all applicable protocols, which are the responsibility of the presenting authors.  All presenters and subjects must be registered attendees, and are encouraged to participate in the full conference program (although one-day registration is available).

Submission and Review: All entries will be reviewed based on submission of an abstract and optional supplementary material, such as a picture or video of the demonstration, and/or a published or accepted paper describing the system.  The abstract should be different from that of a typical research paper and must clearly describe what will the demonstrated.  Original research content is welcomed but not required, and the main criteria for acceptance are evidence of a real-time interactive demonstration, and the timeless and relevance of the contribution to the biomedical circuits and systems community.  All submissions must be sent by e-mail, and comply with the following format:

Send to:

Subject line: Last name, First name of the main presenter and corresponding author  (e.g.: "Culurciello, Eugenio")

Message body: all text (ascii), containing

  1. Title
  2. Complete author names, and affiliations
  3. Abstract, limited to 1000 words.  If you must include non-ascii symbols, use (La)TeX format (e.g., $\mu$V for microvolts)
  4. (Recommended) List of references published or to appear, including any references describing the system.
    Publicly available URL references are acceptable.
  5. Inventory of what physical facilities will be brought, and any special requirements (extra space, etc.)

Attachments (Optional): any supplementary materials showing or describing the demonstration (5MB limit)

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Friday, September 30, 2011

Multiple submissions with same co-authors are allowed, however each submission should have a unique corresponding author (and main presenter).  Updates of submitted entries will be allowed up to the submission deadline, as e-mail reply to the most recent submission or to the acknowledgment of receipt.  Decision notifications will be sent to the corresponding authors by October 3, 2011.

Non-disclosure: Authors are not required to disclose technical details on the working principle and implementation of their demonstrations, and are responsible for withholding any material in the submitted title and abstract that would compromise intellectual property or future publication in peer-reviewed venues.  An electronic and printed digest of the demonstrations with title, authors, affiliations, abstract, and references will be distributed to all registered conference attendees.  However, abstracts will not be posted on-line or indexed on IEEExplore, and any submitted supplementary material will be treated as confidential and withheld from the conference attendees.  These measures are intended to encourage participation from industry, in order to offer the most compelling late-breaking technology demonstrations of vital interest to life sciences and clinical practice.

Live Demonstrations Co-Chairs:

Eugenio Culurciello ()

Noam Ziv ()

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